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Jaenet Guggenheim's long-awaited children's books and our second and third ebooks - The Fussy Little Butterfly and The Fussy Little Butterfly Goes Outside and The Fussy Little Butterfly Gusts to the Cafe are now available on her website
devoted to Jaenet's unpublished stories.


Two new book shows:
April 9-10 • New Mexico Library Association
Spring Mini-Conference, Laguna Pueblo
April 25 • Los Alamos Book Fair
sponsored by Los Alamos Historical Society, Fuller Lodge

JNG Cartoons by Jaenet Newell Guggenheim

This is a brand new book of cartoons that Jaenet drew in 1994.
Horses, birds, butterflies, and a myriad of other characters
talk to each other about things that matter, like new shoes
and the weather.



Click to enlarge.


Azro Press, founded in 1997, is a small publishing company located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Azro Press is devoted to bringing to life the works of authors and illustrators of the Southwest. We publish illustrated children's books for ages 2 to 6, easy readers for ages 5 to 8, and fiction and non-fiction for older children and young adults. Azro Press is in the vanguard of publishers of children's picture books in Santa Fe.


We love all artists and writers of children's books very much. However, we have received so many subsmissions that we can barely get in the door of our office. At the moment, we cannot accept any new submissions. Please do not send us any of your fabulous work at this time, but do continue to visit this web site for updates about this situation.

Our guidelines: We really only consider manuscripts with Southwestern settings and themes written and illustrated by people who live in the Southwest. If you feel you must send us something to read, please do the following:

Put a word count on the first page.

Send your manuscript with an SASE big enough to accomodate your manuscript if you want it back. If you do not send a large enough SASE, we will not return it.

Or send a #10 SASE if you want to receive a letter from us without the return of your manuscript.

It would be helpful to indicate the following: age of child you are writing for and where you think you could sell your book. Remember, school teachers and librarians love to have you come and read but they probably will want you to leave the book for free.

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Tel 505-989-3272 · Fax 505-989-3832