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In the works: THE HURRY UPPERS by Galla Purwin; illustrations by Nicole Blau

Possible new book: Azro Press has decided that it is time to write its own, long time in coming, rock book: The Geology of Santa Fe and the Rest of the World aka The Geology of New Mexico in collaboration with Dr Spencer Lucas. If it works out, there will be two volumes, one for "educated laypersons" and one for children. Both will be in English.




book on how to submit children's books

Write a Marketable Children's Book in 7 Weeks
Publishers receive hundreds of submissions a year.
They may read only the opening paragraph or the first 600 words before they make up their minds.
Learn how to write a query letter that will get an editor's attention.
Include a marketing plan for your book.
Learn how to write on topics tied to school curricula; this will make your manuscript easier to sell.
By Shirley Raye Redmond and Jennifer McKerle

A place in Albuquerque for you to have your book printed. From just 1 copy for yourself to 50 copies of your family history for your family and friends to 100 copies or more of your most recent novel to sell to book stores as well as online.

Even if it's only one copy!

Book of 1 means
you can have your book printed in any quantity at any time.
This is a print on demand service.
LX Publishing offers many services: ISBN acquisition; CDs and DVDs of your book; ebooks; graphic design and formatting; binding choices.

Kitten Caboodle: 2013 Moonbeam Bronze Award for Pre-Teen Fiction - Mature Issues

This is Rocky. He "saves the day" in Looking for Tula.
"Looking for Tula, written and illustrated by Santa Fe artist Catherine Kirkwood, is about two dogs who recently relocated from New Mexico to Florida and are not happy about it. All lovers of New Mexico, young and old, will relate." Review in New Mexico Magazine, December 2013

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